stories of love

Writing about love stories is like love itself.
How do I define love?
It is a phenomenon for me. Actually, there is no special reasons why you can only love one person for some reason, because you'll find each of the properties in many people around you but you don’t love them just because of it.
Love is for me a feeling that connects me to a unique person. An emotional bond that you can only experience, but never find enough words to even begin to describe them correctly.
But hey, here I would like to write about how I spend the day with you as a couple and do not reflect a philosophy about love.

My love stories are natural, close and honest.
As a wedding or a couple photographer it is important to me not to bend you.
I want to show your love.
Your fun. Your tears.
Love is something magical.
It has so many facets and it is a pleasure to see them in my way with the camera.
With you and your guests.
With all the little details that you have chosen for this day and who will complete everything.
Even if I love details, I like to capture you even more with the families and friends, because you will appreciate these pictures in a few years.

You will look through the album and laugh or even cry.
Live your day and tell a story to your children and grandchildren.
In my thought I see each of my couples sitting on a sofa and living it with you.
Nothing is more beautiful for me than seeing you grow.
High five on love and this beginning.
Here are some small insights into the love stories that I have already accompanied.
I am pleased to show you wedding reports or other photographic accompaniments in a personal conversation.
For me it is important to show you a full story from start to the end.
All pictures are edited with my style in the package.
No matter in which photographic accompaniment.
... and they are edited by me personally.
I do not submit any image processing abroad.

I'm looking forward to your love story.
In love. Excited. Joyful. Laughing. Tearful.

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