What is a boudoir photoshooting?

I often get this question.
Actually, it's a sensual, feminine photo shoot in lingerie, in a bright & timeless fine art style.
I would never describe this as nude photography and is far from these men's dreams.

In addition to noble lace lingerie, a beautiful veil, an engagement ring and maybe even a bridal bouquet could contribute to the most beautiful pictures of your life.
Wrapped in sensuality, you and small details are properly staged and photographed for eternity.
There are several options for a bridal boudoir shoot:
You book your photo shoot before your wedding and you can surprise your husband on the wedding day with the beautiful pictures.
Give him your photo box or album before your way to getting ready for the wedding.
Some couples spend the night before the wedding separately.
He won't be able to wait for the wedding if he has received your pictures before ;-)
Tip: Maybe you combine the boudoir shoot with the trial date of your hair and make-up artist?
Find a wonderful hotel, etc, let yourself be pampered and give yourself extra time maybe with your best friend.
As crowning conclusion then the shoot. Would not that be a great day?

The second option is your boudoir shoot at the wedding day.
As a very special mood on the day, you start with your Getting Ready and treat yourself afterwards for 30 minutes only for you and these sensual photos.
Only you, the finest lingerie, your engagement ring, your veil and your bridal bouquet.
Tip: If you do the boudoir shoot on the wedding day, you save twice the cost of hotel & hair and make-up.
Also you already have wonderful flowers there that we could include.

The third option is, you may already be married and want to surprise your husband with a very special gift for a birthday or wedding anniversary.
Your noble boudoir pictures are also after the wedding an amazing gift for you and him!
Stop the time, celebrate your femininity.
We capture your sensual-romantic side in a absolutely timeless way.
Tip: Let yourself be pampered with a professional hair and make-up styling before your boudoir shoot.
We can shoot in your bright home or you book a great bright location of your choice (eg with freestanding bathtub or floor to ceiling windows, etc.)
I’m glad to help you with search of location and recommend you wonderful hotel rooms.
By the way: If you want, we take pictures outdoors on warm days.

The fourth possibility is you book the Bouodir shoot entirely for you alone.
You want to capture memories of your femininity.
Maybe you'll reward yourself for having survived an illness, rewarding for a successful diet or just something else.
No matter how, every reason is perfect.
It's only about you.
You are beautiful as you are!
Tip: Always include hair and makeup.
Let yourself be pampered. You are worth it!
We do not do enough for ourselves!
A few flowers can not hurt either.
We discuss this together together on the phone before the appointment.

You can feel good in your skin, celebrate your femininity.
The feminine beauty is wonderful regardless of dress sizes, cellulite, pimples, wrinkles or scars.
Feel sensual, natural, beautiful and simply wonderful.
We gently celebrate your feminine beauty, for the way you are!
You are great.
You are beautiful.
Internally and externally!

The aesthetics of your boudoir pictures will simply inspire you.
I experience it again and again when I let the customers look at my display.

Your boudoir shoot shows you pure, timeless & elegant in the finest lingerie:
Your underwear may be added to a soft lace body, kimono or your veil for the photo shoot.
It does not necessarily show much skin, maybe you would rather shoot with a delicate chiffon or silk kimono, instead of just in bra and panties?
If you show yourself in a bikini or swimsuit in the summer, then you're definitely fine with this shoot.

Maybe you want to include your personal marriage vows or a secret love letter?
In addition to flowers, perfume bottle and your engagement ring, these are perfect detail pictures.

Reward yourself with fine boudoir pictures!

Delicate, fragile, soft, natural, timeless, romantic, elegant, feminine, that's how we want to photograph you.
In any case, there will be lifelong memories for you!

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